Third Grade
3rd Grade Team  
Welcome to 3rd grade!  This is such an important year, not just because of the STAAR testing, but because you are a 3rd grader!! You are the leader of our school - you are the oldest, you've been here the longest and all the other boys and girls are looking up to you.  We will be working hard to set an example for all of our other friends to follow.
Our 3rd grade teachers are Brenda Fisseler, Dana Gossett, Laura Kammerer, and Juli Frank and our teaching assistants are Rachel Garza and Dusty Wilson .  We are looking forward to a great year. 
If you want to know more about your teacher, just go to the Teacher icon and click on a name and your will learn about each of our teachers.
2015-2016 is going to be a great year!